Tuesday, July 10, 2012


does anyone pay attention to this blog anymore? I'm kind of bitter about the level of inactivity happening here. Actually, you all are probably all out having super fun real life adventures.
So, I come to you with a new theme, that will hopefully spark participation.
Choose one of your favorite songs, and draw/paint/sketch anything that comes out of that song. So, just draw something inspired by the song you choose. It can be anything!
Then, when you post your work, include a youtube video of the song you chose!
Go my children!


  1. Calm down mi capitan!!

    I WILL post something before this war is done! I swear!

  2. well... since i don't listen to music, can anyone pick a song for me? i'll look up the lyrics!

    1. hey! I'd say even if you watched a cool music video with awesome visuals and decided to draw something inspired by what you see, that would be sweet.
      as for song lyrics, I'd say anything by Queen. haha