Thursday, May 24, 2012

monster out of the closet!

so, i've decided to keep this blog alive, and posted what i was working on recently.  :)  i don't really enjoy the colors though... i gotta work on that.


"Wesley? What the heck is this?"

Allow me to explain. The theme was "Worst Nightmare." I planned to do this elaborate highly-detailed painting of one of my scariest dreams...and I tried it but it turned out awful. SOOO...I decided to draw a creature consisting of what I feel are the two scariest things ever: spiders and scorpions. So...I drew the creature, then thought, "Hey wouldn't it be cool if he had a gun on his scorpion tail?" Then I thought "Hey wouldn't it be cool if he had robot legs...or horns...or if the whole thing was a hover ship...and he had an X-Wing targeting computer...and a hologram dashboard...."   and so on. Anyways, this is what emerged.

If this blog's not my fault. (Hops onto horse and rides into the sunset)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Octomaid Girl

Hey look! I actually posted something!  I didn't know how to draw someone who was tacit (understood or implied without being stated) So I sort of disregarded that part. Also I did this in watercolor because I felt like it. Booya.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tired rhino girl

Sorry It's a bit late, I'm just now hopping on this bandwagon!

Yours Truly,

Ryan J. Barton

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The new theme is Your Worst Nightmare.
It can be a nightmare you've had, or a nightmare you just can't wait to have. If you'd like to share the story with the rest of us, please do!

Pig Boy Needs Pumpkin! NOW! *OINK!*

This is what I got from the website...but I don't understand big words...

...NOW I understand big words!


I still don't know what an 'alraune' is, exactly. I looked it up and Wikipedia gave me an article that I seriously wish I didn't read... but from what I know they're related to mandrakes somehow so PLANT PERSON IT IS. Also I don't know what 'enhanced' could mean, so I gave him a pot with robot spider legs.

Anyway, I task MEEHEA to come up with the next theme!!