Thursday, May 24, 2012


"Wesley? What the heck is this?"

Allow me to explain. The theme was "Worst Nightmare." I planned to do this elaborate highly-detailed painting of one of my scariest dreams...and I tried it but it turned out awful. SOOO...I decided to draw a creature consisting of what I feel are the two scariest things ever: spiders and scorpions. So...I drew the creature, then thought, "Hey wouldn't it be cool if he had a gun on his scorpion tail?" Then I thought "Hey wouldn't it be cool if he had robot legs...or horns...or if the whole thing was a hover ship...and he had an X-Wing targeting computer...and a hologram dashboard...."   and so on. Anyways, this is what emerged.

If this blog's not my fault. (Hops onto horse and rides into the sunset)

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  1. Wesley, that's awesome that you kept pushing yourself for more and more and more. It looks great! Thanks for posting :)