Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reptile Girl and Hydra Boy

Ok, so, I did the monster generator and got "abandoned hydra boy who wears a tropical shirt and needs flight" so I drew this:

But it was way too serious and melancholy. So I generated another one and got this!

Which I thought was way more fun anyways, so then I drew this:

I guess the idea was that she is hallucinating and thinks the birds are shoes. Hence she is Hebephrenic and wants shoes. This website is awesome for getting drawing ideas!


  1. Dude -- awesome. I want to be you in every way.

  2. So cool, I really like the Hydra boy longing for flight. And you always where awesome at adding those little surface details in Joe's Class! do you remember how late in the game we found out we were both sophomores. That was fun.

    1. thanks ryan! and yeah I had forgotten about that! heres another memory, remember watching that animated gotye video in class and afterwards, amidst our silent reverence you state "that was stupid". anytime I watch that video I think that now.